Associate Professor at Aix Marseille Univ.
Researcher at Laboratoire de Mécanique, Modélisation et Procédés Propres (M2P2)

Coordinator of the European FP7 PELskin project (2013-2015)
Coordinator of the AMIDEX MacBion project (2018-2021)
Responsible of the master of Mechanical engineering at Aix Marseille Univ. (2017-)
Co-leader of the Instability, Turbulence and Control (ITC) team of M2P2 lab. (2016-)

My research activities are centered on the numerical simulation of fluid flows over non-smooth surfaces, with applications to aeronautics and biological flows. I am developing numerical methods to tackle fluid structure interactions with geometrically complex boundaries including porous, corrugated and ciliated walls.

I am teaching at the mechanical engineering department of Aix Marseille University , applied mathematics and computational methods from License to Master.

Previous positions:
– Researcher at CIEMAT Madrid, Numerical Simulation and Modeling Unit (2009-2012).
– Postdoc at University of Genova DICCA (2006-2009).
– PhD at IMFT Toulouse EMT2 (2003-2006).